Company Vision & Mission 
      To be able to access target groups precisely and clearly. This is also a lifestyle Content online for business people that have passion for travel this content online provides you with lists of places to stay and lots of interesting places to visit. We give you both knowledgeable and entertaining news from Thailand and abroad. This content online is packed with public relations and promotions while creating a business member base in the ASEAN community or AEC (ASEAN Economies Community). There are plenty of competitive areas in the ASEAN business community, however, there is less precision in accessing the target market. In the world of free trade, everyone has to publicize their vision (WHO I AM), and their products so as to step into the AEC world; we all hope to see Thai business accepted worldwide WWW.99MKREALESTATES.CO.TH content online is an important connection between countries in the ASEAN community. We present you with essential and interesting information and news, also entertainment from our experienced team 
      Our target group is both Thai and foreign business people who search for extra business lines to prosper more chances in the business world. We 99 MK Real Estates are a business Event Marketing and that can answer anything you would like to know about businesses. (meets the needs of business people perfectly, both Thais and ASEAN people)

Company Profile
      99MK Real Estate Co., Ltd. was found in 2018. We provide professional marketing services for real estate developers, property services for tenants, owners, buyers, sellers, and investors. These services cover online as digital marketing and offline as luxury property events and exhibitions in Europe and Asian countries. 
      We have planned to attend many international property exhibitions on year 2019 and 2020.
      Next coming exhibition on October 2019, we planned to attend The Luxury Property Show at Olympia, London which is one of the most influential luxury marketplace in the London. Our customer target is individual investors, fund investment group and wealth managers from countries in Europe. There will have many activities for information lifestyle workshops and seminars, experience playing on world-class golf courses or drive a F1 car with the simulator experiences.

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Next year plan, there are 8-9 countries on both Asain and Europe as below;
No Country Month Date Year Exhibition Name Exhibition Place Address
1 England Nov. 31-1 2019 Luxury Property Show Olympia London Olympia London Hammersmith Rd.,Hammersmith, London W14 8UX
2 Myanmar Dec. 10-12 2019 Siam Life Style Show Mandalay, Myanmar Diomond Plaza
3 Dubai March 24-26 2020 Dubai Mega Property Show Dubai world trade center Sheikh Zayed Rd.-Dubai
4 Russia Apr. 3-4 2020 Moscow International Property Show Tishinskaya Square Tishinskaya Square
5 Hong Kong June 11-14 2020 International Travel Expo Hong Kong (ITEHK) Hong Kong convention and exhibition center (1A-1E) 1 Expo Dr, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
6 Japan Sept. 2-4 2020 International Real Estate Conference 2020 Convention Center Pamir Grand Price Hotel New Takanawa Convention Center Pamir Grand Price Hotel New Takanawa
7 Singapore Sept. 10-12 2020 Asia Property Week Once Farrer Hotel Once Farrer Hotel
8 China Sept. 13-15 2020 Wise 18th Overseas Property & Immigration & Investment Exhibition Changhai International Convention Center Changhai, Chaina
9 Malaysia Oct. 18-20 2020 HOC, MAPEX 2020 Mid Valley Exhibition Center (MVEC) Mid Valley Exhibition Center (MVEC)
10 Taiwan Dec. 12-15 2020 Taipei Building Show Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 Taipei, Taiwan

      With our experience and expertise, we take pride in providing the property consulting to large public corporate companies such as Origin Property Company, APEX development Company, Krungthep Pattana CMS Company and so on in Thailand. 
      Consequently, we are confident to provide the best-in-class advice as we help individuals, businesses and developers to make suitable and better property decisions, commitment, and agreement.
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